Professional experience of Y.Ryogoku

August,2012 Certified Public Tax Account registration (Tokyo Kojimachi) 

July,2012 District Director, Tax Office resignation

2011 District Director, Tax Office (Tokyo)

2009 Director,Regional Taxation Bureau(TRTB) First Large Enterprise Examination Department,Information Technology of Large Enterprise Examination Division

2007 District Director, Tax Office (Chiba)

2005 Chief Examiner, RTB First Taxation Deparment (E-commerce)

2003 Chief Examiner, Regional TaxationBureau Larage Enterprise Examination and Criminal Investigation Department (Hokkaido)

2000 Deputy Director,RTB First Taxation Deparment (Professional Team for E-Commerce Taxation)

1999 Deputy Director,RTB First Large Enterprise Examination Department ,Information Technology of Large Enterprise Examination Division

1995 Senior Examiner,RTB First Large Enterprise Examination Department, Transfer Pricing Division

1991 Chief Examiner,Tax Office Corporation Taxation Group (Tokyo)

Other Career


 1976 Meiji University law department graduation


Other professional experiense

 Five steps of Kendo

 System administrator

 Authorized by the support organization (management innovation)